• Introduction
    Games are integral part of human life. At JITO we believe in creating world class sportspersons and athletes. JITO Sports are conducted at Chapter as well as at National levels.

    To provide a platform to Young Jain sportspersons and athletes by identifying talent and supporting them with the aim of fetching medals for the Nation at Asian / Olympic levels. “Sports is for Entrepreneurship, Spirituality and Patriotism” is the Mantra of JITO Sports.

    To promote sports culture amongst Jain sportspersons and athletes across the country by conducting Games at all Chapters on an annual basis and at National level once every two years. Having identified the talent in the Young sportspersons and athletes, take him/ her to next level by supporting through various Programs (including Sponsorship), designed to enhance skills and fitness so that they can represent the Nation and earn medals.

    JITO Games Sponsorship Program (JGSP)
    JITO’s vision of holistic development of Jain children also extends to sporting excellence and achieving success at the Olympics. With this vision in mind, JITO recently launched the JITO Games Sponsorship Program (JGSP) that will provide a 360 degree support to any Jain sportsperson to help them excel on the international sports horizon.
    The program will initially cover five sports – Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming and Chess with the possibility of adding new discipline in the near future.  Players will be selected in two categories – International (Category A) and National level (Category B) players through a pre-defined process. To begin with, players selected under Category A would be given financial assistance of Rs 15 lakhs* over a period of 3 years while Category B players would get financial assistance of Rs 9 lacs*, over a period of 3 years.

    About JITO Games & Highlight of JITO Sports
    With an objective to connect with youth and to inculcate the spirit of sports in Jain youth, JITO Apex came up with JITO Games, now a flagship project. This pan India mega sports event was organised in the every year.

    Highlights of the event are as follows:

    • 5 games i.e      Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess and Swimming
    • Participation      of 20 chapters with approx 7000      players
    • Winners participated      in Nationals held in Zones.
  • Highlights of the JITO Games Nationals in Ahmedabad are as follows:
    • Participation of approx. 500 players
    • Nutritionist,  Ryan Fernando had addressed on the Importance of a Good Diet & Physiotherapist, Dr Aalap addressed on Fitness &Injury Management
    • A Carnival  was arranged with various games & variety of food stalls, followed by DJ night
    • Gift Vouchers worth INR 10,000 to all Winners &  INR 5,000 to all Runners Up were awarded
    JPL Objective
    1. Reach out to Lakhs of Jain Youths & connect them to JITO.
    2. Create a sustainable platform for talented Jain Sportspersons.
    3. Identification and encouragement of talented amateur players and grooming them into champion sportspersons by providing quality guidance and coaching with the objective to represent at state / national / international levels.
    4. Identification of needy talented players for Sports Scholarships