JITO Ladies Wing

JITO Ladies wing has been created to empower the Jain Women. And provide a platform where all JAIN women regardless of their firkas and faith can converge to create a powerful movement for benefit of all.  Imparting proper values and sanskars to our children not only helps the family but the community and society at large. That’s Jainism treats woman and man as equal and are two sides of the same coin.


JITO Ladies Wing will provide opportunities to women of all ages for their personal growth, participation in economic activity, up gradation of personal and professional skills in order to help them professionally as well as  the noble task of caring for the family and good upbringing of their children. All this will help them contribute of family values as well as for spiritual enhancement of the society.


To empower women in social, academic and economic fields and to enhance their Self- Esteem and Self.

JITO Ladies Wing is committed to develop a platform to implement various activities and programs to strengthen the socio- economic status of women. It aims to empower women worldwide to achieve transformation through Leadership, Technology and Economic Prosperity.


JITO Ladies Wing aims at Education ( Shiksha), Service ( Seva), Values (Sanskar), Security (Suraksha), and self Reliance ( Swalamban ). When these five “S” are taken care of , it will help women to grow and at the same time the community and the society will grow.

JITO Ladies Wing – National Body and Fees Structure

1. 10 members-JITO Ladies Apex Committee
This committee shall include 10 Ladies. FCP/CP/Patron members nominated by JITO Apex based on interest from the members.
Ladies who wish to join this committee and not part of JITO Apex should join JITO Apex as CP/Patron member.
2.12 members – JITO Ladies Apex Committee -1 member –10 Zones of JITO
These Ladies Wing members to be nominated in writing by respective JITO Zone Chairman / Zone Chief Secretary in consultation and concurrence with Chapter Board and Ladies Wing President and Chief Secretary under the Zone.
The representative at the National Ladies Wing Working Committee should not be President or Chief Secretary of the Ladies Wing at the Chapter.
3.National Body: – This body shall include 1 representative member from each of the chapters’ Ladies Wing.
This representative shall be nominated in writing to the National Body by the respective Chapter Chairman and Chapter Board with approval from Ladies wing Chairperson and Secretary from the Chapter.
The Representative thus nominated will not be Chapter Chairperson or Secretary of the Ladies wing at the Chapter.
4.JITO Apex Chairman, President and Secretary General would be permanent invitees to all the Meetings of National Ladies Wing Apex Committee, National Ladies Wing Working Committee and National Body.

The Working Committee as mentioned in point no. 2 shall be a part of the National Body by default.

Working Committee at Chapter Level:
Shall consist of a minimum of 7 Members and Maximum number of 21 Members.

The below shall be minimum Mandatory Posts created and People Appointed to run the working of the Ladies Wing.
i. President-1
ii. Vice Presidents-2
iii. Chief Secretary- 1
iv. Jt. Secretary- 2
v. Treasurer- 1

(A)The tenure of each Working Committee and its office bearers would be 2(two) years and will be eligible for re-appointment through selection / election process.

(B) In any existing Ladies Wing, if the number of officer bearers is more than 21 Members asMentioned above, then, the additional office bearers should be inducted as Members of various Activity / Project Committees, which can be formed as per the requirement of respective Ladies Wing Chapter.

(C) Project Chairman or Coordinator can be Special Invitees in this Working Committee.

Elections: The above committee should at best effort be formed with common Consensus, if there is no Consensus, Main Chapter Chairman will appoint a Returning Officer and conduct Fair Elections in same guidelines as Chapter Elections and Elect the team.

Finance:- The projects for Ladies Wing will be financed by Sponsorship raised by them for the said event or Programmes.
They should work on having sustainable model for events by charging a Minimum fee. The local JITO Chapter will also help Ladies conduct program using their funds or create a Corpus by way of sponsorship.

Basic Membership Guidelines for Ladies Wing:-

  1. Body: This will be formed under the Chapter and the Ladies members will be part of Local Chapters Trust or Company as applicable.
  2. Fees: Membership fee is Rs. 21,000/- (plus taxes if applicable) Metro cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore) and Other cities – Rs. 11,000/- (Plus Taxes as applicable). And if some chapters feel that they aren’t able to get members at that fee, they have an option tocollect Rs.5000/- (plus taxes applicable) at the choice of the Chapter. All FCP, CP, Patron and Life members can become member of Ladies Wing, if they wish to, without any fee.
    This fee is for lifetime and not transferable to another member.
    Membership fee will be paid at the Chapter level and Chapters will decide The usage of the same, which would be for the activities for Ladies Wing only.
    The changes in the chapter constitution should be made accordingly.